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Today, communication across borders is a must in many sectors: from politics and government to science and research, from manufacturing and engineering to retail and entertainment. No matter the sector, this task calls for first-class interpreters and translators. Conveying the spoken or written word into other languages brings an event to life, brings clarity and focus to negotiations and allows for truly successful communication. Achieving this demands not just linguistic expertise but also the right team and technical equipment, meticulous planning and preparation and a wealth of experience. SIMCONSULT can offer all this and more.

SIMCONSULT was founded in 1996 by experienced conference interpreters as a partnership company. In October 2011 the name was registered as SIMCONSULT Sprachendienst GmbH. We provide a wide range of services in the field of interpreting, as well as highly specialised translations into and from a large number of European and Asian languages. Being able to source all your language services from a single supplier with assured quality is a major advantage, especially for corporate clients.

Our name speaks for itself: we strive to be the perfect partner for our clients to consult with. Twentyfive years of experience have taught us that this is key to providing a seamless service at the highest level. Please get in touch, and we’ll help you with your planning and find exactly the right interpreter or translator for you, one perfectly suited to your event and the field you work in. We’ll also attend to all other aspects to ensure that everything runs smoothly and meets the highest standards of quality. Have we piqued your interest? Then please get in touch.




Our interpreting services at a glance:


Simultaneous interpreters translate what is said from one language into another almost simultaneously. To do this, the interpreters have to hear and understand what is being said at the same time and translate it into the target language without delay. The interpreters use technical aids such as interpreting booths, personal guidance systems or simply "whispered interpreting".



Conference interpreters specialise in simultaneous interpreting at international specialist events. A team of two conference interpreters usually interprets in each language direction. The interpreters work in soundproof interpreting booths, which can be stationary or portable. Simultaneous interpreting is used at international events (congresses, conferences, symposia) with a large number of participants, as it enables uninterrupted and time-saving interpreting.



A consecutive interpreter reproduces what has been said in another language afterwards. This delayed interpreting can take place after a few sentences or after longer sections of meaning. The disadvantage is that it takes twice as long, as the interpreter always has to wait until the speaker has finished speaking before translating what has been said into the other language. The advantage of consecutive interpreting is that no technology is required for small groups. Technology in the form of microphones and loudspeakers etc. is only required for larger groups.



Video conferences with Zoom or other tools, web meetings or telephone conferences are a popular means of exchanging information in international teams. Professional interpreters are often indispensable as soon as the content becomes more in-depth. SIMCONSULT knows how remote interpreting works smoothly and which techniques are available.



Whispered interpreting is a variant of simultaneous interpreting. In French, this form of interpreting is called chuchotage (from the verb chuchoter, to whisper). Whispered interpreting can be done for one or two participants without technical aids. In this case, the interpreter sits behind one or in the centre behind both listeners and whispers the interpretation. Whispered interpreting can also be used for more than 2 participants (e.g. 10 to 20 participants) with the help of a whispering system.



In liaison interpreting or negotiation interpreting, the interpreter translates the content of shorter sections of speech into another language with a time delay. Interpreting is carried out in both language directions (bilaterally) without technical aids. Liaison interpreting is therefore a form of consecutive interpreting. Interpreting takes place in conversational situations, i.e. with a limited number of participants.

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