Today cross-border communication is a must in many sectors. Whether in politics, science and research, in industry, engineering, trade or in the entertainment industry, it calls for first-class interpreters and translators. By conveying the spoken or written word into other languages the event becomes lively, negotiations are targeted and communication is truly successful. To fulfil these prerequisites not only linguistic expertise but also the correct composition of the team, the right technical equipment, meticulous planning and preparation but also vast experience are very useful.  SIMCONSULT combines all these skills.

SIMCONSULT was founded in 1996 by experienced conference interpreters as a partnership company. In October 2011 the name was registered as SIMCONSULT Sprachendienst GmbH. We provide a wide range of services in the field of interpreting but also highly specialised translations into and from a large number of European and Asian languages. Quality control from one sole supplier: A major advantage especially for corporates.

Our name speaks for itself: our prime goal is to provide the best possible consultancy for our clients. 20 years of experience have taught us that this is key to providing a seamless service at the highest level. Please approach us: We will assist you in planning and find exactly the right interpreter or translator for you, perfectly suited to your occasion and field of activity.  Furthermore we will attend to all other aspects to ensure smooth functioning and best quality.  Have we aroused your interest?  Please contact us.



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