Newsletter July 2003

We have moved!

On the 1st of July 2003 we moved our office from Gänsemarkt just round the corner to Hohe Bleichen. The new address is Hohe Bleichen 11; the postal code, telephone and fax numbers remain the same.


This marks the beginning of a new era for SIMCONSULT. Gone are the days when we had to climb five floors to reach the office. We now have the choice of two elevators to whisk us to our bright, new premises on the 6th floor. In addition to our friends, the handwriting experts, we now share the considerably larger premises with Arlington Consulting, an innovative software development company. 


The long climb up the staircase at 31 Gänsemarkt was one of the reasons behind the move. There were plans to install a lift in the old house, for which almost the entire house had to be vacated. Now at the time of going to press, we are just wondering when the telephone lines will also make the move. This still seems to be rather complicated even in the age of wireless LAN, but thanks to the able assistance of our new neighbours we are nearly there. A visit to Hohe Bleichen 11 is always welcome and now the sporting effort involved is entirely optional.

In the first six months of the year there was much going on in the conference sector. The trend towards assignments at short notice is still continuing, which is undoubtedly linked to the general sluggishness of the economy.


One of the assignments for our long-standing client Airbus Deutschland in May was particularly exciting. The latest phase of the new production facilities for the Airbus A380 was inaugurated in the presence of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Airbus CEO Noel Forgeard


Computer and storage was the subject this year for the second time at a presentation organised at the Fujitsu Siemens "Storage in Town" event by Annette Reisinger, Kommunikation durch Ereignis, in the Fischmarkthalle with keynote speaker Karel von Miert.


There were two major conferences in the field of medicine. In April there was the 33rd Congress of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endoskopie und bildgebende Verfahren e.V. in Düsseldorf. Then at the 10th May Symposium of the European Surgical Institute 1993 - 2003, a SIMCONSULT team interpreted the languages English, German, French and Italian on the subject of obesity.


Three times this year in February and in June our subject was the sea. In February we interpreted for MGH Bremen at the "International Fish Forum" in Rostock with snow and sub-zero temperatures. The focus was on fish farming and endangered fish stocks in the North Sea, the Baltic and the Atlantic.

At the beginning of June our partner Susan Fergusson worked for the 12th Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Council of Baltic States in Pori, Finland. At the end of June George Drummond was part of a team in Bremen at the first Joint Ministerial Meeting of the Commissions of OSPAR and HELCOM, chaired by Jürgen Trittin, the Federal Minister for the Environment and widely covered by the media. The topics revolved around the protection of the marine environment of the North Sea, the Baltic and the Atlantic with special reference to shipping and the designation of particularly sensitive areas.


SIMCONSULT also interpreted the presentation of the jubilee watches created to commemorate the 25th jubilee of Juwelier Wempe in Hamburg in February.


This year we were present for the seventh time in Kiel on the opening Saturday of the Kieler Woche and interpreted at the International Cities Forum for the Press Office of the Senate. The subject this year was the role of municipalities in the struggle against unemployment, particularly among women. This event was attended by 15 twin cities and associated cities around the Baltic.


So for the time being we are signing off from our splendidly renovated office premises covering a total of 300 square metres with a view over the rooftops of Hamburg, wishing you all the best for the summer ahead.



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