Newsletter December 2016

The second half of 2016 showed us that simultaneous interpreters do frequently work at events which differ from international congresses and conferences.

Do not all woman want to be beautiful?

An event hosted by TEOXANE, B.I.L.D, Beauty In Ladies Dimension, brought together 222 participants, both men and women, from nine countries, in Frankfurt. For the very first time the stage was dominated by female doctors giving all of the presentations and demonstrations. The event was conceived according to the guidelines of the relevant medical chamber and represented a real challenge for the interpreters working there. The challenge started with the first presentation on facial anatomy and continued with several live demonstrations. The highly experienced interpreters in the team recruited by SIMCONSULT were all specialised in medicine and remained unfazed by the technical medical terminology.

Training courses

Many of our established clients hold repeat events every year and they inform us of the date for the next event one year in advance. Confidentiality is a rule for all concerned. Even though we organise interpreters for these repeat events each year is different from the previous one either because of the topics or language requirements. The second half of 2016 brought us an unusual number of training courses, our clients requested interpreters for technical training courses but also for courses on in-house corporate accountability. The languages included English, French, Spanish, and Polish.


Another area in which we frequently receive orders is that of audits and the most represented sector is pharmaceuticals. Languages for which interpretation was requested in the last six months included Chinese, Russian and Spanish. With audits days are very long and intensive for the interpreters who work in consecutive mode.

Escort interpreting

Escort interpreting usually involves accompanying employed individuals who have suffered an injury to see doctors or to have check-ups and helping them to overcome the language barrier. SIMCONSULT provided interpreters for this purpose working in Polish, Russian and Turkish.

Award ceremony

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, was in Hamburg in October 2016 and received the honorary prize given by the German Sustainability Award. The prize was bestowed in recognition of Ban’s unwavering commitment to climate protection and sustainable development world wide. Last year’s laureate, the former Portuguese prime minister, António Guterres, took over from Ban Ki-Moon as Secretary General of the United Nations on January 1, 2017, a clear sign of continuity. SIMCONSULT had the honour of providing an interpreter for this top-level ceremony.

After-dinner speech

The Natural History Museum in Berlin is the largest in Germany with 30 million exhibits. The rooms are not only there to show spectacular objects like dinosaur skeletons, they can also be booked for external events. The German Society CLUB OF ROME e.V. did exactly that and held their annual meeting at the museum. The invited guest of honour was former Federal President Christian Wulff who held the after-dinner keynote address. SIMCONSULT was asked to provide an interpreter working from German into English for the benefit of the visitors from abroad.

Yet another conference

We must just mention one more conference:  At the same time as the OSCE conference was taking place in in Hamburg Swisspeace from Bern, Switzerland, an independent peace research institute, organised the “OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference 2016”. Two experienced SIMCONSULT interpreters were in the booth to ensure communication in Russian and English.

And a forum

For over 30 years the Bremen Institute for Applied Laser Technology BIAS has been doing research and development in the field of laser technology in production. Once every two years the Laser Applications Forum takes place in Bremen, in 2016 with presentations centred on laser beam joining, laser technology in aircraft production and additive manufacturing. Thanks to our simultaneous interpreters interpreting the presentations from German into English the guests from Asia, Australia, Poland, Sweden and Hungary were able to participate directly and without any language barriers.


It has been a pleasure to have you as business partners in 2016 and we appreciate your numerous orders for translations and interpretation.

We wish you a peaceful and successful 2017.

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