Newsletter July 2015

Medical conference with a view

A two-day symposium on angiology, kidney disease and dialysis held at the impressive Empire Riverside Hotel kept participants entertained with its spectacular vista of Hamburg and the port.  SIMCONSULT organised a team of highly specialized medical interpreters to work at the symposium; during the breaks the team was able to relax and recuperate from their challenging task observing the wonderful view of the Elbe river and the procession of massive commercial vessels entering and leaving the port.

As in the past years we also had an experienced team of medical interpreters at the International Endoscopy Symposium in Dusseldorf. For conferences that require not only linguistic skills but also specialized training and knowledge it is a huge advantage to have the same experienced team year-in year-out. Our clients appreciate these highly specialized interpreters and approach us well, sometimes years, in advance of their technical, specialized conferences.

Interpreting in Hamburg and elsewhere

We recruited teams of interpreters not only in Hamburg but also elsewhere, such as Schleswig Holstein.

From the very word go SIMCONSULT was involved in ensuring interpretation during the development and construction of the European Hansemuseum in Lubeck.  The interpreters were in no way confined to their booths working in simultaneous but were also often out on the building site wearing appropriate shoes and protective helmets, come rain or shine, irrespective of seasons. The team was, therefore, both happy and honoured to attend the festive inauguration of the museum interpreting the speeches for the many guests from Germany and abroad.  The museum was designed by Studio Andreas Heller, it traces the rise and fall of the Hanse and is the most comprehensive museum on the history of the Hanse.  We are proud to have been part of the project from beginning to end and wish the museum the best of success and an uninterrupted stream of interested visitors.

Recently SIMCONSULT waved its magic wand and in the space of only a few hours found an interpreter for Arabic to accompany the filming in Neumunster by the television broadcaster RTL of a documentary about an immigrant family.

In Bargteheide  the atmosphere was festive on the occasion of a corporate anniversary for which SIMCONSULT provided simultaneous interpreters to ensure communication for the guests from abroad.

More festivities were the order of the day at the christening of “Mein Schiff 4” by the swimming legend Franziska von Almsick in Kiel.  There was interpretation of the whole event so that the foreign guests were able to follow proceedings without missing any detail.

Outside Germany too

Many of the events requiring interpretation are company-internal events such as supervisory board meetings, management meetings, human resource discussions, sales meetings and training courses.  Sometimes these events take place not only in Germany but also abroad.  We appreciate the fact that our clients know that SIMCONSULT is able to recruit professional conference interpreters in other European countries as well as beyond the borders of Europe.  On some occasions the interpreters travel with the client to an event outside Germany which we are always happy to organise.



Some conferences in Germany are held without German.  It is always more difficult to recruit interpreters with the corresponding language combination, that is English or French mother tongue working into English or French respectively because there are fewer interpreters with these combinations residing in Germany.  In such cases we always recommend to our clients to account for this fact and contact us in the early planning stage.

A Castle in Denmark

In June SIMCONSULT had a team working at conference held in the beautiful castle in Sonderborg in Denmark with the languages German, English and French on the subject of minorities in border regions

There are over 400 long-established minorities in Europe encompassing more than 100 million people.  Almost 100 of these minorities are members of the FUEN, the Federal Union of European Nationalities, which represents the interests of minorities in Europe.

In the German-Danish borderland region alone there are four minorities:  the German minority in Denmark, the Danish minority in Germany, the Friesians and the Sinti and Roma.  Discussions during the two-day conference centred on conflicts in Europe and making full use of the skills of minorities.

Summer in Hamburg

Weather lore in Germany has it that if it rains on the day of the Seven Sleepers, June 27, it will continue to rain for the next 7 weeks.  Apparently we narrowly escaped that fate this past June 27 and although we tend not to be superstitious we still enjoy pleasant, dry summer weather which lasts for more than a few days.

We would like to thank you for the many interesting enquiries and orders, wish you a good summer or what remains of it, and a good start to autumn.


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