Newsletter July 2014

Specialist interpreters called for

Could it have been a coincidence that in the first six months of this year we received a number of requests for interpreters with unusual fields of specialization?


Festive commemoration in Kiel

Of all the enquiries that reach us Norwegian is not one of the popular or usual languages which also means that there is only a small number of qualified interpreters for Norwegian in Germany.  We were all the more pleased to find a highly qualified interpreter for the festivities to mark  “200 years Peace of Kiel“ in the Kiel castle to interpret the speech by the foreign minister of the Kingdom of Norway from Norwegian into German and a number of other addresses from German into Norwegian.

Fish in Bremen

Fish international is the only trade fair in Germany in the field of fish and seafood and it is held every two years in Bremen.  This year the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) presented its ASC certified salmon for the first time supported by one of our interpreters working in consecutive mode.


The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the IOH, a Dutch initiative for sustainable trade, founded the ASC in 2010 as an independent not-for-profit organisation tasked with managing international standards for sustainable aquaculture.  As an independent organisation ASC monitors standards and certification processes in this field.


The Fish Trade Fair also included an international, highly technical and specialized workshop on the subject of recirculation plants in aquaculture during which topics such as water treatment, treatment of waste and wastewater and recirculation plant technology were discussed.


The language combination for both events was German and English. Although all interpreters must have good general knowledge a workshop such as this requires lengthy and scrupulous preparation working in close cooperation with the client to ensure that the interpreters receive material sufficiently in advance to enable proper preparation. It is not unusual for interpreters to spend more days preparing for a highly technical conference than the actual event itself lasts.


Medicine in Dusseldorf

Once again SIMCONSULT recruited specialist interpreters for the 16th International Endoscopy Symposium in Dusseldorf where the team was called upon to interpret subjects such as “Curative Endoscopic Resection of Adenomas and T1 Adenocarcinoma“ as well as live demonstrations.  The symposium broke all past records with 1747 registered participants.  We are proud that our interpreters have been working at this renowned event for many years.


Building construction in Hamburg

With interpreters working in German and French the company Uponor held an event to introduce its so-called TAB, thermo-active component system, to a group of interested participants.  This system which combines heating and cooling for multi-storey buildings makes use of the thermal mass of the concrete in the structure by laying pipes to transport the water for heating or cooling in the concrete. In this way the ceilings, floor and walls make a major contribution to cooling or to covering a building’s basic heating requirement.  The pipe system which is integrated in the surfaces makes use of the building mass to store and exchange thermal energy.  Buildings equipped with this system are the Euromed Clinic in Furth and in Hamburg the Unilever House in the HafenCity, the Berliner Bogen and Dockland office buildings.


New Movie House Technology

The small traditional Hamburg programme cinema Abaton was recently equipped with cutting-edge Sennheiser streaming technology. The Abaton is the first cinema in Germany to use this new technology which allows film enthusiasts with visual or hearing impairments to use their own smartphones for transmission.  The system is still in the test phase but as of autumn 2014 the new technology including a smartphone app will be fully operational.  The entire presentation of this technical innovation was interpreted German-English.


Portuguese at the Museum of Ethnology

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of a bilateral agreement between Portugal and Germany that allowed the entry into German territory of Portuguese “guest workers“.  The event was celebrated at the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg, home to the largest Portuguese community in Germany, with a conference entitled “50 years of Portuguese immigration in Germany”.  In their contributions politicians and experts spoke on subjects such as migration and linguistic competence with the help and support of a team of interpreters from SIMCONSULT working in German and Portuguese.


Upside down and suspended from a balloon

SIMCONSULT recruited an interpreter for an unusual and very special event in Hamburg in June:  the christening of a cruise ship “Mein Schiff 3“ operated by TUI Cruises.  A huge stage was erected in front of the Cruise Centre in the HafenCity and 1000 invited guests watched the ceremony from a grandstand.  In beautiful sunshine with the typical Hamburg breeze the singer, Helene Fischer, the cruise ship’s sponsor, floated down over the water suspended from a balloon like a high wire artist alongside the gigantic hull of the ship and christened the vessel “Mein Schiff 3”.  Our interpreter translated the speeches and interviews from German into English for the guests from abroad and fully enjoyed the unusual location – it is rare for an interpreting booth to be placed right next to water – they are usually installed in meeting halls or conference centres.


We wish the cruise ship smooth sailing and trailing winds at all times.


We hope you enjoyed your summer – even without soccer – and that you had your share of fine weather.  Our interpreters will always keep a cool head no matter how high the temperature thus ensuring the success of your multilingual event.



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