Newsletter July 2004

The longest days

It's a far cry from the last Newsletter we wrote to you in December 2003. Seasons change and nature paints a very different picture for us to enjoy with the long summer days. It is hard to imagine where the past six months have gone - tempus fugit.

Beauty and fashion

This spring the emphasis for SIMCONSULT was certainly on beauty and fashion.


Early February we interpreted a presentation in English and German for "mary-kateandashley", number one in America for girls' fashion and lifestyle brands, in the SIDE Hotel, attended by twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.


Next in the beauty line was a press conference in February for Juvena Deutschland in French and German, commissioned by Select Communications to launch a new line in skincare products.


At the beginning of March we worked for the MACK advertising agency at the launch of the "HUCKE Woman" collection in Lübbecke, Westphalia.


Health follows on beauty

At the European Surgical Institute in Norderstedt the "First International Endocrine Surgery Symposium" took place in March with interpretation in English and Italian.


Again in March we interpreted at the "6th International Symposium: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy" in Düsseldorf into German and English for Congress Organisation C. Schäfer. 


Fish is healthy too

Once again fish was the main feature of the Quality Conference in February at the Fish International 2004 trade fair in Bremen.


Where would we be without the digital world? 

What would interpreters do today without notebooks and cellphones to download the latest documents before the start of the conference or without those magic USB sticks to load the last-minute Powerpoint presentations on to their own laptops? The digital world has indeed spread into the interpreters' booth, replacing paper and dictionaries.


IT, in particular document archiving, was the main topic on the agenda at a GFT Solutions GmbH Partner Meeting in Hamburg in May where SIMCONSULT provided a team of interpreters for German and English. 


In Berlin a SIMCONSULT team of interpreters worked at a forum organised by the Fraunhofer Institute entitled "Reliable systems in the car of the future - towards continuous model-based software development".

Engineering and IT

These are two subjects that often go hand in hand. This was the case at the symposium held by KHS Maschinen-und Anlagenbau in Hamburg in January entitled "Aseptic Cold Bottling". This was followed shortly afterwards by a sales and marketing meeting for KHS in Frankfurt.


Just slightly dark between midnight and 2 a.m.

That's how it is mid-June in Turku, Finland, the land of the midnight sun, where Susan Fergusson-GGnther worked on the occasion of the 24th Hanseatic Days of modern times at the conference of the Hansa, the network of Hanseatic cities.


Forensic art, showmen, business trends and sausage skins ...

round off the diversity of subjects we dealt with in the past six months. The European Showmen's Union met in Hamburg in February, in Kiel our team supported communication in English and French at the Spring Conference on Conjunctural Development and George Drummond, a confirmed vegetarian, was delighted to find out all there is to know about sausage skins during an interpreting assignment in June. The team of three interpreters at the Sixth International Congress of the Society for Forensic Handwriting Examination burned up a large number of calories doing "mental overtime" in Heidelberg in June. The 3-day conference included presentations on historical writings, paper, chemistry, physics and mathematics, crowned by a scientific excursion into the theory of degrees of probability. 


With so many years of professional practice we can only confirm that our work remains interesting and diverse, whatever the subject, constantly contributing to expanding our mental horizons. 


We are always particular happy to work at repeat conferences such as the Cities Forum in Kiel which we interpreted in June for the 8th consecutive year on behalf of the Kiel Press Office. 


In closing we would like to thank all of you for the confidence you continue to show in us and we wish you a wonderful summer full of sunshine.



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