Newsletter December 2019

Bon voyage!

One highlight this year was the official naming ceremony of the MSC Grandiosa, the world’s second-largest cruise ship. At events on two successive days, a team of SIMCONSULT interpreters immersed themselves in the fascinating world of cruise ships, working from English into German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

Though it wasn’t our interpreters’ first cruise ship naming ceremony, it was still a very special experience due to the ship’s immense size and sumptuous design.

E-cigarettes and a very special guest speaker

Another highlight was an event hosted by an e-cigarette manufacturer in Berlin, at which a 26-strong interpreter team was at work. This presented an organisational challenge not just due to the size of the team but also because rare language combinations like English–Hebrew were needed.

The interpreters’ reward for three days of intense work was an opportunity to interpret for a very special guest speaker: Arnold Schwarzenegger! It was fascinating to hear him talk about his career, his childhood in Austria and topical issues such as climate change.


Finkenwerder Art Prize

The Finkenwerder Art Prize has been awarded once every two years since 2000 by Kulturkreis Finkenwerder, with sponsorship from Airbus Operations. This year, the panel of five judges selected Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt (born 1960) as the winner. Airbus Operations hired a team of SIMCONSULT interpreters for the prize ceremony, which proved to be a very successful and enjoyable event.



This year, SIMCONSULT interpreters once again interpreted for several audits. Audits, which investigate whether a company’s processes, specifications and guidelines meet required standards, are often carried out by public bodies from foreign countries. These assignments are very challenging for interpreters due to the difficult terminology and tight schedules. But thanks to their many years’ experience, our interpreters were able to complete their work to the clients’ satisfaction.

Variety is the spice of life

The work of an interpreter can be highly varied, and this year was no exception. The opening of a new office building, the launch of a furniture store, a training course for lorry drivers, a presentation on making tea: at all these events, SIMCONSULT interpreters facilitated communication across language barriers. The breadth of assignments and subject areas goes to show once again just how important preparatory materials are for interpreters; due to the abundance of different topics, even very experienced interpreters need to prepare for these events.

That’s why we ask our customers to provide preparatory materials in good time before their event. It sometimes takes interpreters more time to prepare for an interpreting assignment than they actually spend interpreting at the event itself, because quality interpreting requires meticulous preparation.


Flight across the Sea

Alongside climate change, one of the biggest issues facing us in the 21st century is migration and refugees. Last year, a SIMCONSULT translator translated a book on this topic into English: Flight across the Sea by the historian Erik Lindner, which tells stories from throughout history of people fleeing across the sea, including first-hand accounts of highly personal experiences. A very interesting and moving book that we’d highly recommend reading.


For the past few years, instead of sending Christmas gifts to clients, SIMCONSULT has donated to Sahel, a charity whose mission is to give better opportunities in life to disadvantaged children and young people in the west African state of Burkina Faso. To find out more or make a donation, visit

As in previous years, there were also lots of audits, supervisory board meetings, AGMs, business meetings and many other events to interpret.

It has been a pleasure to have you as business partners in 2019 and we appreciate your numerous orders for translations and interpretation.

We wish you a peaceful and successful 2020.

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