Newsletter December 2018

Medical interpreting

This year, our team of endoscopy specialists once again provided interpreting services for the International Endoscopy Symposium in Düsseldorf (now in its 20th year) and Endo Club Nord in Hamburg. Our interpreters were also in action at several conferences on wound management. A particular highlight this year was a conference on the future of surgery/digital surgery, where a team of six interpreters worked from English into German, French and Italian.

One subset of medical interpreting where consecutive rather than simultaneous interpreting is provided is doctor–patient consultations. Patients from other countries who do not speak fluent German need interpreters for doctor’s appointments and medical examinations. SIMCONSULT has only been working in this field for a few years, but we have already built up a pool of qualified interpreters.

Market research

The market research sector, which has seen strong growth in recent years, is an area where the expertise of SIMCONSULT simultaneous interpreters is in constant demand – whether for focus groups, IDIs (in-depth interviews) or home/shop visits.

Few other fields of interpreting cover such a diverse range of topics as market research interpreting: this year, SIMCONSULT interpreters have worked on topics as varied as medical injection devices, LEGO, a theme park website, online payment methods and a heating control app.


Press conferences

Press conferences are part of interpreters’ bread-and-butter work. Usually they’re for things like announcing a company’s annual financial results, so interpreting at a press conference for the German Beach Volleyball League (201801.014) made a nice change of scene. This year, one of our interpreters once again got to work at the press conference for the opening of the World Press Photo Exhibition and at the subsequent preview.

However, the absolute highlight among this year’s press conferences was the unveiling ceremony for the world’s first hydrogen-powered train, the Coradia iLint. The Coradia iLint is a fuel cell train, which means it can produce its own electricity using on-board fuel cells rather than drawing power from overhead lines.



Interpreting for celebrities on TV is always a welcome break from SIMCONSULT interpreters’ usual routine. One programme meriting special mention this year was the 68er-Show, a big music show on ZDF celebrating the year 1968. In Hamburg’s Mehr!Theater, host Thomas Gottschalk interviewed international stars and presented hits from an unforgettable year.

Training courses

Training courses are an important area of work for our interpreters. Foreign companies often send staff to Germany for training on machinery that they will be operating back home. In recent years there have been cases in the opposite (language) direction too: for example, instructors from Chinese manufacturers training German workers how to use their machines.

One particular stand-out for SIMCONSULT interpreters this year was a multi-week training course held in north Germany for employees of a wind turbine manufacturer, which was interpreted into Spanish.

It’s not just technical training courses that need interpreting, however. As in previous years, we also interpreted courses on other topics, for instance several legal training courses.



Probably the biggest issue facing German businesses this year was the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is an EU regulation that standardises the rules for the processing of personal data by private companies and public institutions across the EU. It’s intended both to ensure better protection of personal data within the EU and to allow data to flow freely within the European Single Market. The introduction of GDPR meant that many companies needed translations of their privacy notices – resulting in a surge in work for SIMCONSULT’s translators in the first six months of the year …


As in previous years, there were also lots of audits, supervisory board meetings, AGMs, business meetings and many other events to interpret.


It has been a pleasure to have you as business partners in 2018 and we appreciate your numerous orders for translations and interpretation.

We wish you a peaceful and successful 2019.

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