Newsletter December 2015

Our orders in autumn were as varied as the colours of the autumnal leaves and took us to many different towns and cities.  We would like to bring you up to date on a few of them.

Are you a fan of pasta?

If you are there is no need to travel to Italy. All you need to do is it to take a trip to Celle near Hannover. Paolo Barilla, the deputy chairman of the eponymous leading worldwide pasta brand, inaugurated a pasta store in Celle with an integrated museum. The museum informs about how pasta is manufactured as well as the history of the company. You can then choose from a huge variety of pasta and shop to your heart’s content. Signor Barilla was assisted by an interpreter assigned by Simconsult working in German, English and Italian.

Mining safety in Hannover

In autumn 2015 the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry ­Employers' Liability Insurance Association, a public corporation, with the German acronym of BG RCI, held a conference on international safety standards in the mining industry at the Herrenhausen Castle in Hannover. SIMCONSULT provided a team of simultaneous interpreters. During the proceedings there were case studies from Turkey, China and Chile and the participants discussed preventive strategies elaborated by ISSA, the International Social Security Association. BG RCI, as a public corporation, is held by law to help prevent labour-related accidents and vocational illnesses as well as health hazards related to occupational activities. It gives extensive support to industry in all matters relating to occupational safety and health, provides training for the insured members, investigates causes of on-the-job accidents and tests technical work tools.


Paraguay in Hamburg and Stuttgart

For many years economic growth rates in Paraguay have been remarkable. The Paraguay Ministry for Trade and Industry and the German-Paraguay Chamber of Trade and Industry held events in Hamburg and Stuttgart to provide incentives to corporates in Germany for investment in Paraguay. The main focus for trade and investment was on logistics and the automotive supply industry. A team of interpreters from SIMCONSULT was recruited working from Spanish into German in this area of complex economic issues.


Lost in Perfection

Alluding to the title of the second film by director Sofia Coppola “Lost in Translation” the Faculty of Educational Science of the University of Hamburg held an international trans-disciplinary conference entitled “Lost in Perfection:  consequences and limitations of optimization in culture any psyche”. The conference lasted over ten hours with a very dense programme of scientific presentations. SIMCONSULT chose a team of highly experienced conference interpreters to interpret not only the presentations but also the closing panel discussion.

Women not only as interpreters but also the topic of presentations

Brigitte Huber, the editor-in-chief of the German women’s magazine “BRIGITTE” published by Gruner+Jahr, spoke before the female employees of a large Hamburg company on the topic of women and career focussing on “Young women under pressure”. The conclusion was that decent education and training are a basic prerequisite for a successful career. The speech was interpreted by – whom else – a woman.


Wind – it blows hard then it blows harder

A team of simultaneous interpreters recruited by SIMCONSULT worked at a ceremony inaugurating an offshore wind farm in the North Sea off the coast of Lower Saxony. The attendance of royalty, ministers, state secretaries and board chairmen from Germany and abroad marked just how important of this event was. Every speech emphasized the significance and relevance of renewables.


Market research

There is one very special area of simultaneous interpreting: market research. Consumers are interviewed to find out their opinion or consumption pattern of certain products. These products range from medicine to food and to cosmetics, the consumers are questioned about contents, usability, colour, taste, effect and similar criteria. Companies from abroad appoint German marketing research institutes to survey German consumers or users of their products by means of individual or group discussions and interviews. As one might imagine, interpretation is mostly required into English from German but on occasions into other languages as well, such as Japanese or French.


We would like to thank you for your interesting inquiries and orders in 2015 and we look forward to further contacts in 2016.



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