Are you planning a multilingual congress, a meeting, a live transmission on radio or TV? Are you in charge of organising a meeting of a European works council, a discussion, a training course or a guided tour of a plant? Whenever the spoken word has to be reproduced directly in a different language our interpreters are the interpreters of choice.

Efficient planning will enable good interpreters to produce the best-possible results and this is the reason why we are glad to help you. Which mode of interpreting is best for your event, how can you prepare for the task to be done by the interpreters and which technical equipment will you need? 

We will assist in answering all these questions and others. This precisely is the advantage of SIMCONSULT.  In a nutshell: Top-notch interpreters and over 20 years of planning experience. It is our pleasure to assist you.

Consultancy and service

Does this meet with your interest? Would you like us to help you in planning your next event? Or do you have any other questions?

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Interpreter booths, microphones and technical equipment

Different equipment for different events.  A portable tour-guide system is the right equipment for a visit to a factory, for an international symposium with several languages interpreter booths, microphones and a lot more.  And for a video conference...?


Please ask us: we will assess you requirements and offer you the appropriate conference equipment. We work with various suppliers who during many years of co-operation have proven to us their high standards and reliability.


Interpreting: Methods and technical equipment, an overview

Simultaneous interpreting

This is the best-known mode of interpreting: in simultaneous interpreting the interpreters sit in booths and convey the words they hear continuously and at the same time into the target language. The interpreters work in teams which means that there are at least two interpreters per language and a corresponding number of booths and well as the necessary interpretation equipment.

Whispering interpreting

Whispering interpreting is similar to simultaneous interpreting but without interpreting equipment and is suitable for one or two listeners. An interpreter can also whisper for more that two listeners using a tour-guide system.

Accompanying/escort interpreting

Accompanying interpreting: This is a form of interpreting suitable for visits to trade fairs and visits of small groups.



Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive the interpreter renders the message once the speaker has finished speaking either after a few sentences or longer passages. This interpreting mode is suitable for business negotiations, book presentations, press conferences, after-dinner speeches, welcoming addresses or interviews.

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